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My father Jewel Graham started doing masonry work in 1950. He worked for Ernest Carroll and Ernest's father Ellis Carroll in the Atlanta area. Ellis was an old time mason, in his day buildings were still being built out of stone or brick, not veneered and some solid brick buildings were built on stone foundations. Ellis did brick, stone and stucco, he taught Ernest the trade and my father learned the trade from both of them.

My father started his own business in 1952. The name of his company was S.J. Graham Masonry Contractor.

My two brothers and I worked for him after school and in the summers and we learned the trade from him. When we finished school we went to work for him full time, me first, being the oldest. Around 1980 he made us partners in the business, had it incorporated and changed the name to Graham Masonry Construction Inc. My two sons Cainon and Chad worked after school and summers with us and learned the trade from us. My father retired from the business in 1993 and I retired from the business in 2010.

I am now doing business as SG Masonry.

Cainon and Chad are now partners in Graham Brothers Stone Company.

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